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Welcome to our New Web Site.

We are Bill and Carril Benhoff. We have a small farm in
rural south central Virginia.  It is beautiful rolling country, a great place
for kids and dogs.

 After considerable research into breeds, we decided on a boxer.  The boxer
seemed to us to be the best all round breed available, short hair, good
size, good temperament, great with children, good watch dog, everything one
would want for a companion in the house.

So, almost 13 years ago, we went looking for a boxer pet.  By luck, we ended up
with a wonderful brindle bitch from the EWO line.  (That's another story.)  She
was everything that we had hoped for and more!  Our two little grandsons learned
how to walk by pulling up on then 10 month old Abbee and proceeding slowly as
she moved forward, one slow step at a time.  Our Abbee was "one in a million!"
But, then, maybe you have one of those, too. :-)

A couple of years later, while reading, "The Boxer", by Anna Katherine Nicholas,
I noticed that many of the boxers' names in that book
were the same names as in our Abbee's pedigree.
  What a wonderful surprise!
  By then we were hooked on boxers and
decided that it was time that we had another boxer.
  And, that is how it all began.

Abbee had four litters over the years and we kept a puppy from all but one of
those litters.  Living about 90 minutes from Earl Overstreet and his EWO kennel,
we were fortunate to be able to preserve our good breeding there..  Abbee was
always the "top dog" until her passing late this summer.  She was not sick, nor
suffering, just went to sleep one night and didn't wake up that morning.  She is
remembered with great joy.

Presently we enjoy the company of two adult boxers and an absolutely beautiful
litter of 8 puppies whelped 11/9/04.  Our stud is Hoss, an Abbee
offspring sired by CH Ewo's Nice and Easy.  He is a carbon copy of dad,
"Lucas".  A gorgeous specimen is he.  Holly joined us and is a
delightful plain, brindle girl with an exceptional personality  sired by
CH Red Clays Clarions Call.

Due to time constraints we have been unable to "show" our boxers but, now in
retirement, I have more time and would be interested in learning.  We have had
our share of apparent show prospects over the past years and expect there may
even be a couple in this present litter. 
 Take a look and see what you think.

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Contact Information:
Bill and Carril Benhoff
1337 1st Rock Road
Prospect Va. 23960-7959
Home: 434-574-9945